10 Awesome Paid SEO Tools That Are Worth the Money

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When it comes to paid and free SEO tools, there are many different options out there, some good and some not so good. So today we are going to be looking at 10 awesome paid SEO tools that are worth the money. There may be other good paid SEO tools that we have not heard of yet, so this list will continue to grow as we discover more awesome paid SEO tools that are definitely worth the money, but if you feel we missed any please feel free to mention them in the comments section below or send us an email and we will take them into consideration!

1) Semrush

This tool helps you to find all the important keywords for your website. Its reports can be used to determine organic traffic, discover opportunities and monitor competitors’ search marketing campaigns. Some of its features include Keyword research, organic & paid keywords tracker, rank tracking, comparison of up to 5 websites, and domain vs domain analysis.

2) Moz Pro

For those who are more at home in Excel than they are in Google Analytics, Moz Pro is worth a look. It’s one of those tools that will give you a ton of data, but it won’t tell you what to do with it. There’s no easy fix these errors and improve your rankings button. This is for serious SEO consultants, who need to know what keywords their clients are ranking for and how well they rank. For example, if I type dog training school + Los Angeles into Moz Pro, it will return page after page of keywords that different sites rank for, information about how they rank (search volume per keyword), and information about which types of sites (news sites or blogs) tend to rank better.

3) Ahrefs

The Best Free and Premium Keyword Research Tool for Content Marketers – Ahrefs has one of the largest databases of backlinks on Earth (Ahrefs ranks #1 in my opinion). Not only can you find who’s linking to your competitors, but you can also discover a list of potential websites that you could possibly get in touch with. This is a huge time saver when you’re performing competitor analysis or doing some outreach and content promotion. There are three different plans: Starter, Pro, and Guru which range from $99/month to $300/month respectively. The key difference is that Starter gives you a limited amount of data per month, but Pro and Guru offer unlimited data – albeit it comes at a higher price point.

4) Majestic

Research your competitor’s link profile with Majestic, a tool that provides a handy snapshot of their links. This is just one of many tools offered by Majestic, which will likely become invaluable as you move up in your search marketing career. It can also help you identify broken backlinks and other errors on a site to better optimize them. While it’s not free, its service is worth every penny if you’re serious about search engine optimization.

5) Serpstat

This SEO suite from Serpstat allows you to monitor rankings, check backlinks, track keywords, and analyze competitors in both organic and social searches. It integrates with Google Analytics and offers a variety of powerful tools for $99 per month. The platform offers great value and is ideal for those who don’t have time to monitor their own analytics or competitors. You can also see what issues your website might have in terms of performance before digging into any technical work. The standard package comes with 100 credits per month but there are additional plans if you need more data or additional features like mobile tracking.

6) Ubersuggest

For any website, the development of key phrases is critical to your overall search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you generate keyword ideas from long-tail searches. This means more targeted traffic, more visitors, and most importantly, a better ranking in Google. Ubersuggest also provides data on keyword popularity and bounce rates so you know exactly which words have potential.

7) Spyfu

While most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on paid search tools, Spyfu is a completely free alternative that will give you access to comparable data. This tool provides estimates for each ad that shows up on a search engine and tells you what kind of money advertisers are spending per keyword. Spyfu will also rank your competitors in any given market so you can see how they’re performing from a financial perspective. In addition, it’s great for finding niche keywords—just type any phrase into their keyword finder and scroll through pages and pages of results.

8) ContentKing

One of my favorite tools for keyword research, site analysis, and competitor analysis. One of their best features is being able to compare domains. For example, I can enter a competitor’s website into ContentKing, and it will tell me what keywords they rank for that I don’t as well as where they have more links than me. I also like how you can compare two different sites to see where they overlap in terms of link authority and then dig deeper into each individual piece. You can even use it to show you link opportunities on competing websites so you know which ones to focus on during your outreach campaigns. This is one tool I highly recommend if you want to stay competitive with SEO in 2018!

9) Mangools

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create your own keyword database, make sure you check out Mangools. It’s completely free and allows you to research long-tail keywords using Google Trends, find similar domains to competitors, and gives great information about how many times a term is searched. It’s definitely worth checking out.

10) Woorank

If you run a website or an eCommerce store, one of your goals should be to increase sales. Tracking where potential customers are going, whether they’re new visitors or returning customers, can give you insights into how effective your marketing is and what areas may need more attention. Woorank allows you to track how well specific pages on your site convert, what keywords people search for when landing on your site, and even who’s visiting. This will help you target marketing campaigns and content more effectively.

last but not least: 50+ Free SEO tools

Choosing the Right SEO Tools

With all of the free tools available to help you optimize your website, how do you choose which ones are right for you? For many people, paid tools aren’t worth their cost; they want a set-it-and-forget-it solution. But others realize that optimization is an ongoing process that never stops and isn’t afraid to spend money on services that will save them time and improve performance. How can you decide which option is best for your business? To start, look at our list of 10 awesome paid SEO tools that are well worth their price tag. Whether it’s improving backlinks or analyzing content quality, these tools will help you succeed in your search marketing efforts.